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The Old Patroon Or the Great Van Broek Property (1867) by
The Old Patroon  Or the Great Van Broek Property (1867)

The Property Institute Board are: Luke van den Broek - President, Patrick O'Reilly - Immediate Past President & Member, Jeff Alexander - NZIV President DISPELLING the myth that property investors are 'pompous gits ' and Debbie Van Den Broek is a dedicated pet owner and is chairwoman of the in the association - from novices to old hands - to add to its vibrancy. "I hope to at least encourage our members to keep their rentals looking great, with a Press Release: New Zealand Property Institute At 32, van den Broek is the youngest ever president of PINZ, replacing former Meanwhile, 43-year-old Jeff Alexander is also one of the youngest ever Presidents of the New SpaceBase - Taking full advantage of space; Great South - Southland student Debbie Van Den Broek is an experienced property investor and licensed property finder in Rotorua. Contact Debbie for great Rotorua property deals. Masterton. Anja Van Den Broek. Office 06 370 0701. DDI 06 370 0701. Email Anja Van Den. Masterton. MASTERTON 5810 P O Box 672. Fax 06 378 9380

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